Downtown living

You might have thought that choosing a city to live in was the most difficult part of relocating. Wrong: even if you figured out the city of your dreams, you’ll still need to find a part of it that best suits your needs.

While the differences between the ‘burbs and downtown aren’t as clear-cut anymore, they’re still there, and knowing how to differentiate when choosing a home to rent or buy will impact your quality of life significantly.

Here are some pros that most often have people wanting to purchase a downtown residence:

  • You’ll never be able to complain about your life not having enough activity. When you’re living downtown, you know you’re in the thick of things, and you’ll never be faced with a shortage of interesting encounters to have. The feeling of being in the heart of a city and absorbing all of its happenings is one that many people enjoy, especially those of a younger age.
  • Everything you need will be within arm’s reach. Stores, restaurants, friends, workplaces – everything important to you will be a short drive (or even walk) away. You’ll save plenty of money on gas and car repairs and you’ll enjoy a far greater ability to manage your time efficiently.
  • You’ll have more affordable housing options to choose from. Generally speaking, downtown residences are much more varied than those in the suburbs and can therefore cater to a wide variety of individuals. If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford a large deposit or a high monthly rental fee, downtown is where you’re most likely to find housing options that suit you.

With that said, there’s a reason why the suburbs and the countryside remain the location of choice for many. Here are some drawbacks to living the urban life downtown.

  • The better housing options will cost a lot more. Most places in a suburb will tend to have a similar cost barring major additions by the owner. Downtown, though, you can expect the most attractive lofts and houses to have prices that can seem ludicrous at times because their owners can afford it. There aren’t many better pieces of real estate to have than a luxurious downtown condo – you might find yourself emptying your pockets just so you don’t have to share a room with rats.
  • You’re more likely to encounter crime. Nobody likes to think about crime, but it’s there, and it’s a lot more present in urban areas where people don’t know each other. If you’re living downtown, you might have to limit your movement around the city past a certain hour, avoiding questionable neighborhoods and preferrably staying inside your car – this is doubly true if you’re living in one of these questionable neighborhoods yourself.
  • There is no real sense of community. In a suburb or rural area, everyone knows everyone and you can enjoy the feeling of having neighbors that you can rely on – people who care for you and are ready to help you in your time of need. Downtown, even in a smaller and cozier city like New Braunfels, TX, everyone is happy to mind their own business, and you’ll easily get stuck with the feeling of being in a cold and unfriendly place. This can also work in favor, though – some people don’t like seeing familiar faces more often than is necessary.

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