3 great energy saving projects for your home

Saving energy has been all the rage for a while now – while industrialization helped lower prices of a lot of necessities, the price tag on electricity seems to be gathering dust. Hence, people are always looking for a way to save some money on it without really robbing themselves of what they need to lead a happy life.

We’ll tell you right now: nothing will cut down on your electrical bills like going off the grid. But if you’re unwilling to make such an extreme transition (to say the least), there are smaller steps to take that nevertheless stand to make a huge difference with each passing month. Here are 3 great energy saving projects for your home in no particular order. Any one of them will shave at least a couple of dollars off your monthly bill. Combine all 3, and you’ll be on your way to saving for that new Lexus you’ve been wanting.

Great energy saving projects

LED light bulbs: This is the smallest project on the list, but it’s one that will soon pay itself off and continue doing so many times over. It might be time to retire the incandescent light bulb: it doesn’t last very long, wastes a lot of energy and also threatents to burn you should you touch it without taking the appropriate precautions. Sure, the glow is pleasant, but so is that of contemporary LEDs – modern LED bulbs come in a variety of colors and lumens and can fit everyone’s needs to a T. The biggest detractor used to be the price of purchase, but this is quickly changing, and you might already be able to afford a set of LED bulbs for your home. Replace every incandescent bulb with a LED one, and you’ll notice a sizeable reduction as soon as the next monthly billing cycle comes around, especially if you’re a night person.

Solar panels: Nothing quite says ‘green energy’ like solar panels, right? These are a terrific way for those living in sunny areas to save on heaps of electricity, with sun energy powering their day-to-day instead. Of course, solar panels haven’t yet reached a point where they can fully replace your electrical company, but they’re getting there. The most prohibitive aspect of solar panel installation is their price, followed by the addition of big old shiny panels on what you might feel is an otherwise perfect exterior of a home. If you can deal with these detractors, though, you’ll save a lot of energy whenever the skies aren’t cloudy – you’ll also have a decent amount of time to spend the stored solar energy, which makes these all the more appealing.

Alternate heating system: Plenty of people fear the winter not because of colds or freezing temperatures but something that’s every bit as scary: heating bills. If you’d like to have a chilled-out winter where you don’t have to think about the heating costs every other minute, consider purchasing a wood stove – even a gas one might reduce your bills by a lot. Keep in mind, though – too many people paid the price for not minding their tile/carpet flooring when switching from one heating system to another, as new stoves and heaters can permanently damage surfaces in unpredictable ways.

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