When to hire a professional carpet cleaner

Cleaning carpets is not something you can do 100% effectively on your own. While you can vacuum regularly and spot clean minor accidents that happen on your carpet, you cannot do what a professional carpet cleaner can do.

What about those rental machines?

Unfortunately, the carpet cleaning machines that you can rent or buy commercially cannot do the job of a professional. They are not strong enough to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, and they sometimes leave behind water because they also cannot pull all of the water back out of the carpet fibers and backing, making your carpet a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

It’s best to call a professional carpet cleaner when…

  • …you don’t know what kind of carpet you have. You can do a lot more damage than good cleaning your carpet with the wrong product. A professional be able to tell what kind of carpet you have. That will determine exactly which products they will use on your carpet so that it is not damaged and it gets restored to like-new appearance.


  • …you have a bad stain. Some stains can be completely removed by simply blotting them with a dry cloth and maybe using some seltzer water. These stains you can take care of on the spot. But big messes such as pet stains, oil, blood, permanent marker, wine and fingernail polish will require an expert’s touch. Even if it looks like you got a stain out of the carpet, chances are you only removed it from the top layer of fibers. The residual stain is probably still down below and needs to be removed professionally.


  • …time is of the essence. Cleaning carpets yourself can take up a big chunk of time, and you still aren’t guaranteed to get them as clean as you want. Hiring a professional will get you great results very quickly. You should expect the company to give you an estimate in hours, not days, except for extremely large homes. Most professional carpet cleaners will even clean your carpets while your family is at work and school, saving you time and hassle.


  • …you want a deep clean. As we determined earlier, home carpet cleaning equipment simply isn’t powerful enough to extract all the particles that have worked their way deep into your carpet. In addition, the water that they leave behind can become hazardous to your health if mold and mildew grow in your carpet. Professional often use powerful truck-mounted equipment that is professional grade. This equipment uses less water than commercial rental equipment as well.


…you want a guarantee. Doing a project yourself may save money, but what about when things go wrong? …or when the results aren’t what you expected? There’s no one to blame but you, and no one else to pay for any damage that may have been done. Hiring a professional means that they will be committed to making you a satisfied customer. They should do everything they say they will, and they shouldn’t stop until the expected results are delivered.