Celebrating PRIDE Month at Rocket Software

Julie Law

June 13, 2023

Empathy, humanity, trust, and love. Those four are words spoken frequently at Rocket Software. But what do these company values look like in practice?

These values drive who we strive to be each and every day at work. And they drive the environment we strive to create, an environment where every Rocketeer is encouraged to celebrate their diversity and the diversity of others. Rocket Inclusion Diversity Equity (RIDE) is one of the most important initiatives at Rocket Software, aimed at creating the most inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture to enable Rocketeers to create a positive impact on the world. It is also a driver for inspiring a shared company culture where everyone can be their authentic selves.

Recognizing and celebrating our LGBTQIA+ community and creating an environment that supports and uplifts every Rocket employee—no matter where they come from, what they look like, or who they love—is core to our company values. As we celebrate PRIDE this month, we hope to provide an opportunity for Rocketeers to learn, grow, and support the LGBTQIA+ members of our community, giving them the encouragement and welcoming environment to be their authentic self no matter what—and not just in June, but every day of the year.

We’re excited for what this month holds. To celebrate our Rocket Software community’s PRIDE, we’re holding a virtual PRIDE parade where Rocketeers can show off how they’re marking this month with some fun outfits, floats, and creative ways they celebrate.

Beyond the fun, we’ll also be encouraging everyone to take time to learn as well. We’ve talked a lot about the kind of community that we’re cultivating at Rocket Software, the key to which is education. It is only possible for our values to shine through, particularly when we think about inclusivity, if we all do our part to learn from and understand the experiences of others. Ultimately, PRIDE is the perfect time for us all to put our values into action, celebrate what makes us all unique, and support every Rocketeer in a way that’s meaningful and special to them. PRIDE month is just one small, yet important, part of the work RIDE and our RIDE ambassadors do.

From supporting our LGBTQIA+ community members to developing the next generation of women leaders through our Women Leaders in Tech community, check out RIDE and see everything the Rocket Software team is doing to ensure we live up to those four values – empathy, humanity, trust, and love – every day.