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It Takes a Village: Inspire Your Work-Life Balance

June 27, 2023

11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

With ever increasing demands on each of us, how are you achieving your ideal work-life balance? It is not a one size fits all but a personal journey that evolves with your changing needs and circumstance. Grab your coffee and join in the conversation as we discuss:

  • Setting your own professional and personal goals
  • Identifying ways to establish and maintain boundaries
  • Drawing upon your strength and resources to find balance

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Amplify Your Diversity

Inspiring Growth: The Power of Professional Networks

In today’s new world of work, the shared perspectives and experiences we gather from our connections are ones that will shape our path toward success and allow us to grow into the leaders we aspire to be. Listen in as we discussed building leadership skills, unlocking your full potential and creating opportunities to thrive and grow in your career.

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Live a life you love

Live a Life You Love – Starting Today

Ready to live a life you love? What if it could happen immediately? Often, we put off doing the things we know we need to do, as if it’s something we can do later or that we need to rely on others to get it done. The truth is, we can have more joy in our life immediately, with small steps that we have complete control over. Even the smallest actions can have a remarkable impact on how we feel and show up for others.

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Passion is your greatest tool

Passion is Your Greatest Tool

We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation but, for many people, it’s not only about increased salary and better benefits—it’s about knowing that we’re making a difference and spending our time on things that truly matter to us. Whether you’re in the business of data or not, listen in as we discuss how understanding the importance of technology can reinvigorate your passions.

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Women Leaders in Technology

In an industry that is constantly changing it can be hard to stay on track while keeping a work–life balance. Grab your coffee and join a few of the industry’s most influential Women Leaders for an interactive discussion covering topics ranging from current events and barriers, to how women today achieve success and balance and how we can all help promote inclusion.

We have an opportunity to lead and mentor women now and for generations to come. Watch the video for inspiration!

Join Rocket’s Women Leaders in Technology Community!

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